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DIY: 4th of July Mason Jar Craft with Della Rice!

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Sometimes here at Della Rice, we like to get crafty. This is a super fun project that only takes about an hour and leaves you with the most adorable 4th of July themed centerpiece ever! Now of course most of the time we would advocate eating Della rice, but this time we are going to get our hands a little dirty and play with it! So gather your materials and your favorite crafting companions. Aprons and gloves are probably a good idea if you are getting the kiddos involved! They will love seeing the plain white rice transform into a beautiful, colorful patriotic candleholder. Now let’s get started…



4th of July Mason Jar Candles with Della Rice


1 Bag Della Rice, uncooked (you can use any white rice variety here, we choose Jasmine)

Red & Blue Food Coloring

Baking Sheets

Parchment Paper

3 Bowls

Fork, for stirring

Mason Jars, various sizes

Tea Candles






Essential Oil: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass or Citronella



1. Evenly distribute the rice into 3 separate bowls

2. In one bowl add red food coloring to your rice and mix with a fork until fully coated and the red color is nice and bright. Start with a little food coloring and add more as you go to achieve a darker, more vibrant color. Next, move to your next bowl of rice and do the same with the blue food coloring. Keep the final bowl white. *

3. Pour the bowls of blue and red rice onto separate baking sheets lined with parchment paper. Make sure the rice is one nice even layer. Bake at 200 degrees for about an hour. This will insure that the color doesn’t run or stain your hands or utensils.

4. Remove the red and blue rice from the oven and place in their separate bowls. Allow rice to cool.

5. Grab a clean mason jar and begin to layer the rice starting with one color at a time. You can do this in any order, we choose red (bottom), white (middle), blue (top). Each layer should be relatively even but don’t worry about measuring, just use your best judgement.

6. Top with a tea light, and add a sticker for a little extra flare! Repeat this process until you run out of rice. We liked using different size mason jars for height variation.

NOTE: * At this stage you can also add a few drops of the recommended essential oils to each bowl to help ward off any pesky bugs and mosquitos. This is great if you are having an outdoor BBQ style gathering!

IMG_4740IMG_47424th of July Mason Jar Candles 2 with Della Jasmine Rice