2015 April

See the Stir Makers Cook Up Della Rice Stir Creations!

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We enjoyed our #CreateAStir campaign so much and enjoyed seeing all the wonderful and imaginative Stirs our Stir Makers (aka blog ambassadors) cooked up.  As you may recall, we partnered with 19 bloggers, who we affectionately call Stir Makers, to help us spread the word about Della Rice. We challenged them to make rice bowl creations using Della Rice as the canvas of their Stirs.

Here is what happened when we unleashed our Stir Makers’ creativity and awesomeness:

Look Who Stirred Up a Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl

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Thanks to Debi at The Spring Mount 6 Pack blog, we have a wonderful and simple recipe for a Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl to share. She cooked some Della Jasmine Rice with Roasted Garlic, along with some diced chicken breasts and chopped veggies. It’s an interesting infusion of both Italian and Asian flavors, but then again, there are no rules when cooking up something you love to eat.

Try her recipe on her blog – and of course – enjoy! #CreateAStir

Teriyaki Chicken over Della Rice

It’s Time to Stir Up Korean Beef & Broccoli Over Delicious Della Rice

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Della Stir Maker, Brett Martin, of This Mama Loves stirred up a fun rice bowl dish that is easy for mom or dad to prepare, and delicious enough for the whole family to gobble up for dinner. Instead of using expensive sirloin as the “beef” portion of the dish, Brett used ground beef to ease preparation – and it’s something most of us have on hand already. She also used a slew of Asian-inspired seasonings to give the dish its Asian taste.

Want to cook up some Korean Beef and Broccoli over any variety of Della Rice?  You’ll want to visit This Mama Loves and read her full blog post featuring the recipe for Korean Beef & Broccoli. Get stir making!  #CreateAStir

This Mama Loves beef-broccoli-rice-bowls

We’re Loving this Quinoa Kale Rice Bowl Stir Recipe – Video

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Did you know that Della Rice makes a quinoa-rice blend (available in select stores)? It’s just another way we’re showing you how much we love that you’re stirring up dinner – and now you can stir it up with our exciting rice blend.

In honor of our quinoa-rice blend, give this wonderful rice bowl stir recipe a try.

The Canvas:  Della Quinoa Rice Blend

The Toppings: Sauteed kale and garlic, mushrooms, asparagus, lemon zest, and vinaigrette.

The Verdict: A flavorful Stir that is healthy, fun and tasty too!

Quinoa Kale from SPECIALTY RICE INC. on Vimeo.