2015 March

Try this Mexican Rice Bowl Recipe – Super Easy!

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We’ve seen a lot of spins on boring taco night – everyone adding their own creative flair to a Mexican rice bowl dish. Thanks to the Brooklyn Active Mama, we have another great Mexican Stir to share today – and we just know you’re going to love it!

What’s interesting about this Stir is Della’s Jasmine white rice has been transformed into a spicy flavor explosion. The Mexican-stylized rice is then topped with taco-flavored beef, guacamole, and cheese. Add whatever taco toppings you like or crave too. You can’t go wrong – no way! #CreateAStir.

Beef Mexican Stir Brooklyn Active Mama

Gluten-Free Fried Rice with Shrimp and Chicken

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Cooking with rice can be a fun – no matter what you cook up. We got excited when Eat. Sleep. Be. cooked up her version of fried rice (a staple at my house – we love using leftover cold rice to make fried rice).

We love Jessica’s protein-packed fried-rice version too using chicken, rice and eggs!

Oh, and did you see she used Della’s Light Brown Basmati Rice – it’s our rice variety that has the taste and texture of white rice, but the nutrition of brown rice. You can buy it at ShopRite or other grocery stores nationwide.

You’ll want to visit Eat. Sleep. Be. online for the full Gluten-Free Fried Rice Recipe, but here’s a quick peek at what you’ll find when you visit her site:

Eat Sleep Be Fried Rice Recipes



Citrus Shrimp with Jasmine Rice Recipe – Delic!

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There is something about cooking with fresh citrus juices (from lemons, limes and oranges) that makes me happy! So it’s no wonder that this recipe for a Citrus Shrimp Rice Bowl, by A Dish of Daily Life, made me smile.

First you cook up some delicious Della Jasmine rice in your rice cooker, then you marinate your shrimp in a variety of citrus-seasonings. Next you stir fry your shrimp and add it atop your canvas of fluffy rice. Then garnish your rice bowl Stir with peas and cilantro to give it some curb appeal.

This dish looks and smells as good as it tastes – promise!

Thanks to Michelle at a Dish of Daily Life for this easy, fun, and flavorful rice bowl recipe! #CreateAStir

A Dish of Daily Life Citrus-Shrimp-w-Jasmine-Rice

Loving this Della Light Brown Basmati Rice Bowl Recipe

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With spring officially here, it’s time to create some colorful Stirs that make us happy! Today we’re sharing a stir by Stir Maker Mama XXI. It’s a Spring Rice Primavera dish.

I personally think it’s amazing what you can do with a few eggs, frozen peas and carrots, and beautiful Light Brown Basmati Rice by Della Rice. I just love the look of this rice bowl – two sunny side eggs to represent the sun, and hues of orange and green throughout to represent the spring bloom and nature.

Check out the full recipe for this springtime rice bowl dish at Mama XXI!  Enjoy!  #CreateAStir

PS: Want to try our Light Brown Basmati Rice?  Find a store near you or visit your local ShopRite for a full selection of Della Rice varieties!

Arroz-Primavera-Receta Mama XXI

From the Della Test Kitchen: Salmon Benedict Rice Bowl Recipe

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Breakfast lovers – we’ve got you covered with this amazing rice bowl recipe for Salmon Benedict over rice.

The Canvas:  Light Brown Basmati Rice by Della

The Toppings:  Sliced smoked salmon, sliced red onion, poached egg, dollop of hollandaise sauce, a handful of capers, and a pinch of fresh chopped dill.

The Verdict: No more boring breakfasts!

Salmon Benedict from SPECIALTY RICE INC. on Vimeo.

Citrus Shrimp with Della’s Jasmine Rice Recipe – Go Ahead, Stir Up Dinner!

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Della Rice is committed to making dinner time easy, fun and healthy too.  Without much effort, you can put together a beautiful Stir (aka, rice bowl) that your family will love and that they’ll think you’ve spent hours preparing! That’s exactly what Stir Maker, Michelle Nahom, of A Dish of Daily Life did.

She marinated shrimp in a bowl of citrus flavors and seasonings while her Della Jasmine rice was cooking in her rice cooker. Once the rice was done, she stir-fried the shrimp for three minutes, topped the rice with her flavorful cooked shrimp and sauce, and boom, dinner is done! What a culinary vision, right?!?

See Michelle’s full shrimp marinade recipe on her blog – as well as instructions on how to make a yummy, healthy and easy Citrus Shrimp with Jasmine Rice stir. #CreateAStir

A Dish of Daily Life Citrus-Shrimp-w-Jasmine-Rice

Make an Italian Sausage and Pepper Rice Bowl Stir

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Thanks to Della Stir Maker, Julie Kieras, of Happy Strong Home, you can now try this Italian Sausage and Pepper, a favorite Italian dish, over rice!  Simply cook up the ingredients as instructed by Julie, and serve over a bed of fragrant Della Jasmine Rice with Roasted Garlic. Your house will smell as amazing as an Italian cafe, and your tastebuds will think you’re in Italy (OK, maybe I exaggerate, but this stuff is good!)

See the full recipe for Italian Sausage and Peppers over rice at Happy Strong Home. Happy eating!

Happy STrong Home - Sausage and Pepper Rice Stir Recipe


Check Out this No-Fuss Stuffed Cabbage Rice Bowl!

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One of our amazing Stir Makers, Colleen at Souffle Bombay, stirred up a no-fuss stuffed cabbage rice bowl that is out of this world!

Instead of futzing around with blanching cabbage leaves and the arduous process of rolling the cabbage, she sauteed all the ingredients independently and put them atop delicious Della Rice. She calls it a “Deconstructed Stuffed Cabbage Recipe” – clever!

Boy was she able to create a wonderfully flavorful and delicious stuffed cabbage rice bowl that can be enjoyed any night of the week – no longer only served up on special occasions. #CreateAStir

Stuffed Cabbage Rice Bowl by Souffle Bombay

Try this Super Green and Super Healthy Rice Bowl Recipe

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The Big Apple Mama has done it again – she has created a fun stir that is sure to please the eyes and the tastebuds. What did this amazing Della Stir Maker do?

She gave the traditional rice bowl a healthy makeover by laying a bed of super greens (a mix of baby red chard, baby tat soi, baby spinach, baby green Swiss chard, and baby arugula) and topping it with cooked Della rice, vine-ripened organic tomatoes, organic avocados, organic roasted red and green peppers, roasted onions, and grass-fed cooked ground beef flavored with taco seasoning.

The result is a delicious weeknight meal that packs a health punch – and makes your taste buds happy too.

Big Apple Mama Healthy Super Greens Rice Bowl

See the full instructions for stirring up this Healthy Super Greens Bowl at the Big Apple Mama’s blog (and be sure to let this Della Stir Maker know you loved her stir too!). #CreateAStir