2015 February

Try this Philly Cheesesteak Rice Bowl – Video

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How to make a Philly Cheesesteak rice bowl

It’s time to stir up dinner, Philly Cheesesteak style! The folks inside the Della Rice Test Kitchen created this super rice bowl complete with perfectly sauteed steak, sauteed onions & green peppers, mild cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes, and hot sauce served over fluffy Della Basmati Rice.

So who says a Philly Cheesesteak has to be served atop bread?  Make it gluten-free by serving it over a delicious canvas of white rice.

Watch this short video to see how this Stir comes together fast!

A Spicy Beef and Red Pepper Rice Bowl Recipe to Remember! #CreateAStir

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Let’s spice up dinnertime with a little heat, shall we? After all, who says rice has to be boring? No, no no! Let rice serve as the cool canvas to set your amazing rice bowl dish on fire!

Check out this beautiful rice bowl stir featuring spiced up ground beef with dried red chili peppers topped with an over-easy egg. Dinner can’t get more beautiful than this! Just beware, this dish is packed with heat. You’ll definitely need the cool Della Jasmine Rice (Basmati good too) and egg to cool you off.

Head on over to the blog, Running to the Kitchen, to get the full scoop on this flavorful dinner recipe. It’s called Spicy Beef and Red Pepper Rice Bowl.

Spicy Beef and Red Pepper Rice Bowl Recipe - Running to the Kitchen


Photo: Running to the Kitchen

This Mama Loves Teriyaki Meatball Rice Bowls!

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This Mama Loves Teriyaki Rice Bowl Stir 2The talented blogger behind This Mama Loves, Brett, shares with us today her recipe for Teriyaki-Glazed Meatballs over delicious Della Jasmine Rice.  It appears that Brett cooked her meatballs to perfection and then rolled them in a teriyaki glaze that looks oh-so-yummy! She then topped the glazed meatballs over rice and garnished with sliced water chestnuts, chopped green onions, and sesame seeds – yum!

What I love most about this recipe is how easy and accessible it is for everyone to make. She used common ingredients – ingredients that most of us already have in our kitchens. Plus, Brett reinvented how to make the meatballs (meatballs don’t just have to be for Italian dishes) and basically made an Asian-style rice dish with zing!

Check out Brett’s full post, Teriyaki Rice Bowl Recipe, on her blog and then get busy cooking!  The question, “What’s for dinner tonight,” has been solved!

Oh, and if you want to win a rice cooker (we are giving away 50 of them you know!), enter here.  It’ll make this recipe even easier to make!

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This Mama Loves Teriyaki Rice Bowl Stir

Photos by This Mama Loves

Spicy Beef with Peanuts with Della Basmati Rice From The Nutmeg Nanny!

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Alright Della Rice fans – I know you’ve seen some pretty amazing rice bowl recipes – but this one is going to blow your mind!

Check out what Stir Maker, Brandy of The Nutmeg Nanny created!!  It’s a Spicy Beef with Peanuts rice bowl layered on top of Della’s Light Brown Basmati Rice. This dish is so beautiful, and we love that it’s also so accessible to any home cook with a large skillet and rice cooker (or you can cook your rice in a pot). A few simple ingredients make this recipe bulge with flavor and shine with beauty.

You’ll have to visit The Nutmeg Nanny to see how she put together this heart-warming Spicy Beef Stir. This is definitely one you’ll want to add to your dinner recipe files – I just did!

Spicy Beef over rice recipe

Photo by The Nutmeg Nanny

Find out how you can win a rice cooker in Della’s #CreateAStir Sweepstakes!

Chorizo and Rice is Oh So Nice – Latin American Rice Recipe

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We are loving this exciting and spicy rice bowl Stir created by Della Stir Maker, Romina, of Mama XXI.  The flavors are inspired by Romina’s Latino roots.  We love how she seasoned and cooked the chorizo to perfection, and of course, we love that she used delicious Della White Rice as her bowl’s canvas.

Take a look at Mama XXI’s site to see complete cooking instructions and ingredients need to make your own Chorizo Rice Bowl Stir – we’d love to hear what you think of the recipe, and please let us know if you’ve had a chance to cook this up yourself!

Mama XXI - Bowl-de-Arroz-y-Chorizo

We hope you’ve enjoyed being inspired to #CreateAStir of your own using Della Rice. To ease your cooking prep and limit your cooking time, use a rice cooker. You can enter to win 1 of 50 rice cookers we’re giving away too. We are proud to help you enjoy your delicious rice in the optimal way – always!

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Photo by Mama XXI.

An Easy Caribbean Rice & Beans Recipe – Vegetarian too!

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Thanks to our clever Stir Maker, Miryam, at Eat Good 4 Life, we are able to share with you this savory, mouthwatering Caribbean Rice and Beans recipe.  This recipe could not be more easy – simply toss all the delightful ingredients into your rice cooker, including Della’s Light Brown Basmati Rice, hit cook, and voila, an amazing dish awaits you in 20-30 minutes!

Miryam shows us that a rice cooker is a kitchen asset that you’ll will wonder how you lived without before you had one.  If you don’t have one, try to win one from us! We’re giving away 50 of these miracle kitchen appliances so you can #CreateAStir at home too!

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Caribbean rice and beans recipe

An Arabic Stir Featuring Yogurt Chicken and Cilantro Basmati Rice

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One of our amazing Della Stir Makers, Michelle at A Dish of Daily Life, shared with us such a treat! Her Stir creation is called Middle Eastern Yogurt Chicken with Cilantro Basmati Rice.  I’m pretty sure as far as clever Stirs go, Michelle nailed it!

ADish of Daily Life - Middle-Eastern-Yogurt-Chicken-with-Cilantro-Basmati-Rice-CreateAStir-with-Della-Rice

In order to make this dish, you’ll need to get some Basmati Rice by Della, and a rice cooker (you can win a rice cooker in our #CreateAStir raffle – we’re giving away 50 cookers!!).

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I encourage you to visit A Dish of Daily Life to see this beautiful and tasty middle eastern inspired creation and learn how you can easily make it at home yourself in about 30 minutes.

Oh, and one thing I love about this post is that Michelle says her kids loved it so much they asked to eat the leftovers the next day. Anyone with kids knows that when the kids ask to eat the leftovers, it’s a compliment from the heart and the belly!


Sweet & Sour Pork

Ring in the Chinese New Year with a Sweet & Sour Pork Rice Bowl Stir

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Happy Chinese New Year Della fans!  That’s right, tomorrow (Feb. 19) is the Chinese New Year and we want to welcome the New Year in with style. Straight from the Della Rice test kitchen, please enjoy this Sweet & Sour Pork Rice Bowl Stir recipe. It’s a great weeknight meal to celebrate the Chinese New Year and any night of the week too!

What You’ll Need

  • Della Jasmine White Rice – prepared as directed
  • Seared Pork Loin (cut into bite-sized pieces)
  • Red & Green Peppers (cut into bite-sized pieces)
  • Pineapple Chunks
  • Sweet & Sour Sauce
  • Scallions – chopped

How to Make

  1. In a bowl, add layer of steamy Jasmine rice.
  2. Top rice with pork loin, peppers, and pineapple.
  3. Drizzle sweet & sour sauce over ingredients.
  4. Sprinkle with scallions to garnish.
  5. Serve!

Food Babbles Creates a Pomegranate Chicken Rice Bowl Stir

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You have to see for yourself the unbelievable Stir created by Kate from Food Babbles. She really outdid herself!

She topped her fragrant Della Rice with Roasted Garlic with “grilled chicken slices, roasted brussels sprouts and a sprinkling of those winter jewels, pomegranate arils.” She also created a spicy pomegranate chili sauce that she drizzled over the top of her Stir to give more color and flavor. Kate’s creation is almost too beautiful to eat!  They say you eat with your eyes, and my friend, this is one your eyes will gobble up!

Although Valentine’s Day has come and gone this year, this rice bowl recipe certainly would make an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner for two. Look at all the beautiful red color and mouth-bursting pomegranate arils! This dish is screaming romance!

Food Babbles Spicy-Pomegranate-Chicken-Rice-Bowl

Of course, you’ll have to visit the Food Babbles site to see the full Spicy Pomegranate Chicken Rice Bowl recipe. Enjoy and please leave us a comment if you’ve had the chance to try it. We’d love to hear how your cooking experience goes!

PS:  Don’t forget, you can win your own rice cooker, which will make creating rice bowl stirs super easy. Simply enter below between now and April 10, 2015.

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Stir Alert: Rum Raisin Rice Pudding Valentine’s Day Stir

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Who says you can’t use rice to stir up an amazing and sinful dessert?  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, that’s exactly what Shari at My Judy the Foodie did!

Adapting a recipe from Ina Garten (love her), Shari used her flavorful Della Basmati Rice to create a rum raisin rice pudding that is mouthwatering, rich and oh-so creamy.  Sounds like she has all the ingredients for a romantic Valentine’s Day dessert, right?!?

Try this Rum Raisin Rice Pudding Stir (see full recipe here), and don’t forget the Rice Parfait we stirred up in the Della test kitchen either – it’s another way we’re showing you how to stir up your meals with delicious and savory Della rice!

Rum Raisin Rice Pudding Stir