The Story of Della’s Light Brown Rice

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Light Brown Basmati image2 cooked rice

You may be wondering how exactly light brown rice is made?  Wonder no more!

Here is the story of how we get Light Brown Rice:

1. All rice starts off brown as a whole grain.

Light brown rice image 1

2. During the milling process, the outer bran is rubbed off to turn the rice white.

Light brown rice image 2

3. Light brown rice is then gently milled to keep some of the color, nutrition, taste and texture, and shortened cooking time (light brown rice cooks faster – about 1/2 the time as brown rice).

Light brown rice image 3

Della’s Light Brown Rice offers a wonderful texture and flavor.

Light Brown Basmati image

You can get Della’s Light Brown Basmati Rice at ShopRite or grocery stores nationwide.



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