The Chirping Moms Stir Up a Taco Rice Bowl #CreateAStir

We adore the bloggers over at The Chirping Moms. They are always so clever and creative! That’s why we enlisted them to create a rice bowl Stir to help inspire Della fans like you to create your own easy, dinnertime meals using delicious Della rice as your canvas, and an array of toppings to complete the dish.

Please take a look at what The Chirping Moms created.  This Taco Rice bowl is so easy to make, so much so that you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t know about it sooner. Plus, once again this Taco Rice Bowl is yet another way to spice up boring taco night, just like our friend over at Eat. Sleep. Be. did with her Turkey Tex-Mex Rice Bowl Stir.

Taco Rice Bowl Recipe from The Chirping Moms


We also love how interactive Taco Rice Bowls can be – provide your kids with a canvas of delicious Della rice in any variety, and let them top it with their favorite taco toppings, such as ground beef or turkey, shredded lettuce, olives, shredded cheese, beans, tomatoes and more!

If your kids don’t want to use a fork or spoon tonight, let them enjoy scooping their taco rice bowl with tortilla chips instead – what fun!

To see the full recipe and blog post by The Chirping Moms, please visit them online here.

Chirping Moms Taco Rice Bowl Recipe and Stir

Don’t forget to enter our #CreateAStir Sweepstakes for a chance to win 1 of 50 rice cookers! Good luck!

Photos by The Chirping Moms

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