Stir Alert: Pan-Fried Tofu with Red-Peanut Curry Sauce – via Healthy Green Kitchen

The Healthy Green Kitchen is always cooking up something that is healthy, yummy, and full of flavors. That’s why we were thrilled to see Winnie, the blogger behind Healthy Green Kitchen, cook up her signature healthy dish using delicious Jasmine Rice with Roasted Garlic by Della. Winnie is a Della Stir Maker (aka, brand ambassador).

What did she make?

She made a savory pan-fried tofu and peanut-red curry sauce rice bowl stir that appears to be so full of flavor – I just might make this for dinner tonight for my family because it’s making me so hungry!  I personally love how colorful Winnie’s dish is too – talk about eating the rainbow!

You’ll have to stop by the Healthy Green Kitchen to see Winnie’s rice bowl recipe.

Pan fried tofu with red peanut curry sauce recipe

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Photo by Healthy Green Kitchen

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