Holiday Party Appetizer: Deconstructed Sushi Cups

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Looking for an out-of-the-box appetizer idea for your upcoming holiday party? Try these Deconstructed Sushi Cups! This elegant looking appetizer “stir” is deceivingly simple. All you have to do is cook the rice (or use leftover rice!) and layer on the rest of the ingredients.  They are an instant crowd-pleaser! This appetizer is stylish, fun, and colorful, all in one. Don’t they look amazing? Almost too pretty to eat. Almost. 😉



Della Jasmine Rice, cook as directed

Nori/Seaweed, cut into long pieces

Avocado, cut in half, and sliced thin lengthwise

Cucumber, sliced thin

Smoked Salmon

Dressing: Drizzle of Soy or Ponzu Sauce

Garnish with: Sesame Seeds, Wasabi Paste (optional)

_R061060To Assemble Your Stir:

In individual ramekins, or glasses (we used stemless wine glasses and stemmed dessert cups here), start with the Della Jasmine rice for the bottom layer. Next add nori (seaweed) strips, cucumber, avocado and salmon. Garnish with sesame seeds and a touch of wasabi (be carful not to add too much! this is strong stuff!). Drizzle some soy and/or ponzu sauce on top . Serve cold. Your guests will be oohing and ahhing all night long 🙂


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