Meet ‘Stirmakers’ Jackie & Don + Bacon & Cabbage Fried Rice!

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“I love food, wine and family (not in that order ;). 
I’ve been married for 33 years to my high school sweetheart Don and have 5 children & 2 grandchildren. We live on a horse farm in TN where we raise chickens for fresh eggs and grow many of our herbs and vegetables in season. We own and operate Simply Living Life, a quaint gourmet shop and catering company in Brentwood TN. We also partner with Arrington Vineyards a local Vineyard in the hills of TN where we deliver gourmet picnic baskets 7 days a week and set up our mobile cottage in season to cook fresh, pretty food onsite that goes great with wine. We enjoy celebrating and sharing our love for food with our family and our community!”

– Jackie

This week we asked Jackie & Don to share a seasonal ‘stir’ with us!  See their culinary creation below…

IMG_3229I am a major foodie! Not the type of picky “I only eat certain things foodie”, but I love food with texture and flavor. It can be simple or complex but the end result is the same, great taste! This recipe is an adaptation of a recipe that I got many years ago from an Italian friend who spent his younger years growing up in Italy. The dish, however, has more of an Asian flavor than Italian. The brown sugar adds such a rich robust flavor and the Della Jasmine Rice with Toasted Sesame and Ginger blends perfectly with those Asian flavors. It is a hit every time I serve it! The bacon in this dish also makes it a hearty side that is quite filling. It’s great to bring along to a potluck gathering. People will love the flavor of this dish, but not quite be able to put their finger on what that specific flavor is. It is also great to serve for dinner with a simple entree such as baked ham, grilled pork loin, or chicken.

Bon appetit!
1 lb. Bacon, chopped
1 Large Head Cabbage (Napa, Savoy or Green), cut in pieces
1 Large White Onion, chopped
1  Cup Brown Sugar
2 cups Della Jasmine with Toasted Sesame and Ginger Rice, cooked as directed
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 2.23.48 PM
1. In a large skillet brown bacon til crisp over med high heat. Turn heat down to med and add in brown sugar
2. Stir sugar with bacon and drippings constantly until melted, being careful not to burn (5-8min)
3. Once melted add cabbage & onion to pan and cook until cabbage is wilted (8-10 min). Remove from heat.
4. Add prepared Rice and mix in well. Serve!

Della_Bacon Cabbage Fried Rice

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