Loving this Della Light Brown Basmati Rice Bowl Recipe

With spring officially here, it’s time to create some colorful Stirs that make us happy! Today we’re sharing a stir by Stir Maker Mama XXI. It’s a Spring Rice Primavera dish.

I personally think it’s amazing what you can do with a few eggs, frozen peas and carrots, and beautiful Light Brown Basmati Rice by Della Rice. I just love the look of this rice bowl – two sunny side eggs to represent the sun, and hues of orange and green throughout to represent the spring bloom and nature.

Check out the full recipe for this springtime rice bowl dish at Mama XXI!  Enjoy!  #CreateAStir

PS: Want to try our Light Brown Basmati Rice?  Find a store near you or visit your local ShopRite for a full selection of Della Rice varieties!

Arroz-Primavera-Receta Mama XXI

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