It’s Time to Stir Up Korean Beef & Broccoli Over Delicious Della Rice

Della Stir Maker, Brett Martin, of This Mama Loves stirred up a fun rice bowl dish that is easy for mom or dad to prepare, and delicious enough for the whole family to gobble up for dinner. Instead of using expensive sirloin as the “beef” portion of the dish, Brett used ground beef to ease preparation – and it’s something most of us have on hand already. She also used a slew of Asian-inspired seasonings to give the dish its Asian taste.

Want to cook up some Korean Beef and Broccoli over any variety of Della Rice?  You’ll want to visit This Mama Loves and read her full blog post featuring the recipe for Korean Beef & Broccoli. Get stir making!  #CreateAStir

This Mama Loves beef-broccoli-rice-bowls

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