Food Babbles Creates a Pomegranate Chicken Rice Bowl Stir

You have to see for yourself the unbelievable Stir created by Kate from Food Babbles. She really outdid herself!

She topped her fragrant Della Rice with Roasted Garlic with “grilled chicken slices, roasted brussels sprouts and a sprinkling of those winter jewels, pomegranate arils.” She also created a spicy pomegranate chili sauce that she drizzled over the top of her Stir to give more color and flavor. Kate’s creation is almost too beautiful to eat!  They say you eat with your eyes, and my friend, this is one your eyes will gobble up!

Although Valentine’s Day has come and gone this year, this rice bowl recipe certainly would make an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner for two. Look at all the beautiful red color and mouth-bursting pomegranate arils! This dish is screaming romance!

Food Babbles Spicy-Pomegranate-Chicken-Rice-Bowl

Of course, you’ll have to visit the Food Babbles site to see the full Spicy Pomegranate Chicken Rice Bowl recipe. Enjoy and please leave us a comment if you’ve had the chance to try it. We’d love to hear how your cooking experience goes!

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