Citrus Shrimp with Jasmine Rice Recipe – Delic!

There is something about cooking with fresh citrus juices (from lemons, limes and oranges) that makes me happy! So it’s no wonder that this recipe for a Citrus Shrimp Rice Bowl, by A Dish of Daily Life, made me smile.

First you cook up some delicious Della Jasmine rice in your rice cooker, then you marinate your shrimp in a variety of citrus-seasonings. Next you stir fry your shrimp and add it atop your canvas of fluffy rice. Then garnish your rice bowl Stir with peas and cilantro to give it some curb appeal.

This dish looks and smells as good as it tastes – promise!

Thanks to Michelle at a Dish of Daily Life for this easy, fun, and flavorful rice bowl recipe! #CreateAStir

A Dish of Daily Life Citrus-Shrimp-w-Jasmine-Rice

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