Citrus Shrimp with Della’s Jasmine Rice Recipe – Go Ahead, Stir Up Dinner!

Della Rice is committed to making dinner time easy, fun and healthy too. ¬†Without much effort, you can put together a beautiful Stir (aka, rice bowl) that your family will love and that they’ll think you’ve spent hours preparing! That’s exactly what Stir Maker, Michelle Nahom, of A Dish of Daily Life did.

She marinated shrimp in a bowl of citrus flavors and seasonings while her Della Jasmine rice was cooking in her rice cooker. Once the rice was done, she stir-fried the shrimp for three minutes, topped the rice with her flavorful cooked shrimp and sauce, and boom, dinner is done! What a culinary vision, right?!?

See Michelle’s full shrimp marinade recipe on her blog – as well as instructions on how to make a yummy, healthy and easy Citrus Shrimp with Jasmine Rice stir. #CreateAStir

A Dish of Daily Life Citrus-Shrimp-w-Jasmine-Rice

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