Celebrate ‘National Taco Day’ with our Top 5 Recipes Featuring Della Rice!

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It’s only natural that one of the most beloved foods of all time, the taco, should have it’s own day. That day, my friends, is today. Happy National Taco Day! Not that you need an excuse to eat more tacos, but if you do, this is a pretty good one. To celebrate we are sharing a tasty round-up of some of our favorite taco ‘stirs’ featuring Della Rice from over the years. Now the hard part is choosing which one to make… 😉


1. Chipotle Fish Tacos with Garlicky Rice and Mango Salsa by ‘Stirmaker’ Christine

2. ‘Kid-friendly’ Do-it-Yourself Taco Rice Bowl by The Chirping Moms

3. Beef, Guacamole, and Cheese Mexican Rice Bowl from Brooklyn Active Mama

4. Tex-Mex Turkey Rice Bowl by Eat. Sleep. Be

5. Roasted Garlic Fish Taco Rice Bowls from the Della Rice Test Kitchen


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